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  • Jared Emsee and Pierre Shaw

    Episode 5 – Pierre Shaw, Architect

    Pierre Shaw is an architect from London. Having studied at The Royal College of Art, Pierre now works at an architecture firm as an architect assistant. Pierre has also set up SOS or School of Speculation, a specialised course for encouraging critical thinking and creating a non-limited creative environment. The architectural creative process, automation and creativity within the school system is discussed in this episode.

  • Jared Emsee and Nicola Hume

    Episode 4 – Nicola Hume, Radio Presenter

    Nicola Hume was a radio presenter on HeartFM’s Breakfast show in Brighton. In this episode of Creative Connection, the radio industry is discussed including how Nicola started from drama school and worked her way to becoming a breakfast radio presenter. As well as this Nicola’s creative process within radio is explored, from writing the shows the developing her ‘voice’.

  • Jared Emsee and Johnny Cochrane

    Episode 3 – Johnny Cochrane, Comedian

    Comedian Johnny Cochrane joins this episode of Creative Connection to discuss his creative process around writing his standup show ‘Appeal’, as well as his perspective and insights into the comedy industry and how it’s changed throughout his career.

Creative Connection is a creativity driven podcast. Each episode is all about creativity, creative industries and the creative process.

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