The Podcast

Creative Connection is a creativity driven podcast hosted by Jared Emsee. Each episode is all about creativity, creative industries and the creative process. Featuring a different creative guest every week, Creative connection offers personal insight into people’s interaction with creativity and their passions.

Produced by entertainment company Room14, Creative Connection is gearing up to a 12 episode second season. The first season of the podcast only lightly touched the surface of some of the more mainstream creative industries with guests such as: artist Sam Tompkins, comedian Jonny Cochrane and then radio presenter Nicola Hume.

Jared Emsee

Hi There! I’m the host and producer of Creative Connection. I conceptualised the podcast whilst filming social content for a music studio. The energy of everyone working together creatively was an incredible environment to be in, I started to wonder about everyone’s stories and how they create. Everyone is different and everyone has a different tale to bring to the table. Meeting different people and talking about what excites them the most in the world brings me a lot of joy and I’m hoping some interesting conversations.

Be A Guest

Are you a creative mind with a lot to say? We’re always looking for guests to join the podcast and talk about their craft. Please tell us all about you and leave some useful links!